Save the animals, Save the planet Honey bee will be coming soon This witch can be bribed
with chocolate
The roundest moon can be seen in the Autumn. It is time for reunions. She dreamed improbable dreams. Followed her heart & created her own little fairytale "I'm Cruella.
Born brilliant, bord bad, and a little bit mad."
" They tried to bury us.
They didn't know we were seeds "

Wanted warrants! Prison Glossa in your area!!!

Warning! Please pay your attention to PRISON GLOSSA (a Lullaby Glossa’s identical twin). This creature is extremely danger and notorious for its uncontrollable madness and the unique ability in clone technique Be aware! It can be anywhere, hiding in the dark and waiting to destroy our peaceful life…

  • Unique design Our products are completely designed and manufactured by Gaia’s artisans. We ensure we do not remake or copy others products/printed materials that are already available on the market.
  • 100% Handicraft Gaia’s goods are detailedly crafted and created by handsssss.
  • Do not Restock
    Our merchandise are available in store only one time and not restocked. Your orders will be the exclusive.

" We create
everything from nothing "

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our mission

" We value all the imaginative, legendary, classic standard with high quality and bring these quintessense into our keycaps. And, your fingers will dance through the flow of history and create a whole new world – Gaia’s World "


What our
Buyers say

How lovely these keycaps are! I hope your team will continue doing this work to create more adorable things. Keep going! Good luck..


Hey! love the cap, well i already bought one so now i need to decide if i want to get another lol.  thanks for the great sculpt, excited to see.


It is not only a keycap, it is Gaia’s world. I’m fascinated by the way your team create personality and story for each product, and link all together for a.


In spite of being made by hand, your keycaps are detailed and meaningful. I’m excited to follow and support your team in the upcoming project in store..

Popo Tran

Having been watching and following you guys since the very first demo. I’m really appriciated Gaia’s spirit in this field. I also like your customer service attitude, too. Wish everything.

Andy Langley

Once upon a time ...

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