We accept your payment through Paypal (for foreigners) and domestic payment by bank transfer (for Vietnamese people).

  • Step 1: You have to complete the form in the link, and wait for the confirmation email and payment information.
  • Step 2: Your invoice need to be paid within 24 hours. Then, we will send you an email to inform that your order is confirmed.

You can sign up and create an account in our website so that we can send you the latest information about new products as well as promotions and discounts. Besides, you can follow us at:

Recently, we only sell keycaps. But, in the near future, other kinds of keyboard accessories will be available in store.

Right now we don’t have our own offline store, but we recommend you visit our website.

We are trying to maintain a stable schedule. Usually, we release new products twice a month.

For Group-buy, we sometime sell old products. However, if it is collection for Raffle, we sell it one time only.

  • After you complete the order, our system will send you an invoice with payment information, and after you pay, we will send another email to notify you that your order has been successfully placed. Your product will be started to produce.
  • Once the production process is complete, we will send you the updated status of your order with the shipping code and shipping service so you can track your order.
  • If there is any change, we will contact you via email or phone number to make a discussion.

Currently, Gaia’s creature is selling the products as pre-oder, which means they will be produced after you place an order.

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