Gaia’s Story

From the eternal darkness, Gaia, the very mother of the earth, was responsible for the beginning of life on the planet Earth, who created and sustained life on her own body. Everything on this planet was originally came from the Earth’s Mother.

At first, the world was covered with tranquility and love, but it wasn’t long… Beacause of hatred and malcontent felling for his atrocious Father Sky-Uranus, Cronus successfully led the rebellion against his father and brought in the “Golden Age”. However, he soon grew as tyrannical as Uranus, and this time, his sons: Hades, Poseidon and Zeus and their monstrous siblings, together, they stood united and form half of a new pantheon, the Olympians, and soon the great war of Titanomachy began.

It was a terrible war!

Up to the sky, deep down to earth and from the infinite ocean, everything turned into nothing. It was the end of the Golden Age, triumph belonged to the new generation of gods. But, the world was annihilated.

Gaia had to inhabit the planet, offer life and nourishment to all her childern, one more time, again…

And that was how our story began.

  • Unique design Our products are completely designed and manufactured by Gaia’s artisans. We ensure we do not remake or copy others products/printed materials that are already available on the market.
  • 100% Handcraft Gaia’s goods are detailedly crafted and created by hand.
  • Do not Restock Our merchandise are available in store only one time and not restocked. Your orders will be the exclusive.

" We create
everything from nothing "





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