Arsula Little Mermaid


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The shy and gentle cecaelia, also the successor guardian of deep-ocean creatures.

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As all we know, Mermaid and Cecaelia don’t really get on with each other. That’s true, but it’s years and years ago.

Uriel is a mischievous and energetic mermaid, unlike her graceful sisters. She loves spending most of her day playing and caring with sea creatures. But the lives of creatures here turned upside down because of the arrival of human ships. Her father and the other mermaids took it for granted, but she didn’t like it at all.

And about Arsula, as a Cecaelia living at the deepest place of the sea, she is just too shy and soft to be the guardian of deep-water creatures, but her curiosity has led her to go further than her kind.

One time Uriel was hanging around the seaweed forest with Boo, a sea cow that had been with Uriel since birth. Then, Boo got lost in the ocean currents and drifted to the dark rift of Cecaelia’s domain. When the two were lost and did not know what to do, they discovered Arsula bewilderedly hiding behind the rock. Uriel quickly swam to catch her before Arsula could run away and begged her to help find the way out. After a while calming down, Arsula led them out of the dark crevice, and then asked the little fish CoCo to bring Uriel home. From then on, the two became good friends.

Mermaid and Cecaelia have long since had nothing to do with each other, although the old conflicts have disappeared, but the two kinds still avoid each other. Until Arsula appeared in the middle of the mermaid territory, everyone had a little shock at first. But due to Uriel’s stubbornness, everyone got used to it and accepted Arsula. The relationship between the two kinds is therefore gradually getting better..

They used to spend their time playing and chatting at the seaweed forest until the approach of the ships angered Uriel so she decided to disrupt them.Arsula denied the plan at first but reluctantly complied. That day finally came, Arsula used her pearl to foresee when the ship would reach the sea, and that night, Uriel and BuBu ambushed them, using her mermaid magical voice to lead them to a nearby deserted island. Then both will enjoy watching the sailors sinking in fear and confusion in the middle of the ocean. 

Until one night, a handsome guy appeared on a splendid ship, claiming himself a prince of faraway kingdom. He found Uriel waiting on the cliff and immediately fell in love with her and flirted. But she led his ship to the other side of the island where it was full of rocks. And of course, the ship sank. Uriel burst out laughing while watching that boastful prince cursing as he crawled ashore. Then she stole some glitter and luxury jewelers for Arsula.

 Who needs a prince when having such a good sister, huh?


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NAME Arsula
COLORWAY Little Mermaid
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 15 caps
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker – ID card – User manual – Rubber Finger Gloves


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Are you thinking “Again?! Another fight between an innocent mermaid and an evil octopus!”, right?

It’s wrong, my dear friend.

Uriel and Arsula are besties. And there is no handsome prince here either. 

Who needs a cheesy love when having such a wonderful sister, who is alway ready to mess everything up and dare to the humans who invade their territory.

Today, Gaia’s Creature brings you a very special duo. Uriel and Arsula are two personality and dynamic girls who will bring the positive energy of youth to your work area.

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