Aubrey Spring Whispers


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She was born and bestowed by Atemis god the ultimate archery ability and the power to summon fantastic beasts

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The great volcano has never stopped smouldering its endless anger. But 1000 years of peace burried the prophecy that :”From the eternal darkness inside the volcano is the place where a monster with the power to threaten even the gods imprisoned. If the seal are broken, the chains will unable to restrain that monster, and apocalypse will arise! “

Hashtimor fairies lived in this Nebrodi forest since the moment their ancestors were born. This ancient race was received life from Ourea-the god of wild mountains, who offered life for the very first trees on earth. These fairies were the witness of the rebellion of Cronos, the revolution of Zeus and numerous wars all around the world. Until the time when Typhon was defeated and imprisioned inside mount Etna, a punch of monsters, with destructive power, escaped from hell and brought back the fear. These gentle and powerful ancient fairies immediately shouldered the mission of protecting all creatures on this land, like the way the forest sheltered them.

Then a new species appeared, human. Prometheus shaped man out of mud and breathed life into the clay figures, even gave them enlightenment to erase stupidity. At first, they gathered and lived peacefully in a small tribe. But it did not last forever, as time went by, human society developed so fast that it led to jealousy and avarice. Wars then boomed in every corner of this planet and spread out the Nebrodi forest. However, it was obvious that humans was overwhelmed towards the robust fairies. Human dynasties rise and fall, but the malice to own the forest have never ended. Prometheus’s flame cannot dispel the darkness of greed. With their foolish belief that they could defeat these fairies if the seal on Mount Etna was broken, these ludicrous humans liberated Typhon.

An angry roar reached the heavens, Mount Etna exploded. Flaming rocks poured down endlessly, knocked down even the biggest trees. It caught fire and burned the whole enchanted forest. The King Fairies and his army risked their lives to fight, but the legion of monsters wiped them out in an instant. The mighty empire from ancient times was completedly vanished in the blink of an eye.

Escaping from a deep sleep, in the middle of ruins, Aubrey was escorted by his courtiers and beasts to seek refuge. The forest also used its last breath to keep ferocious hounds away princess Aubrey. Nothing could exist here any longer.

The little princess must leave this place immediately. The forest has burned down, but as long as she is alive, the forest can possibly be revived

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FEATURE Magnet Keycap
NAME Aubrey
COLORWAY Spring Whispers
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 15 caps
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker – Monster’s card – Name card – Thanks card



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Spring has its own way of bringing nostalgic feeling which makes us hope for good things to come in the year. The air is fresh and cool, and happiness seem to be hang in the middle of the sky. The wind is still cold a little bit at night and early in the morning, but the sun begins to shine and warm up everything. The rains give a comfortable and refreshing feeling when the tiny drops of water lie on our faces. The sky is higher and clearer than ever with the thin layers of soft white cloud, and every corner seemed to be brightened up by countless streams of light. The sweet smell of flowers is flowing everywhere, and it is easy for us to witness a whole new species of beautiful plant that we did not pay attention before.
When the swallows begin to flutter in the blue sky, everyone has a break to enjoy this wonderful season, and the roads seem busier and busier. At this point, we all feel happier and difficulties in our daily life are also relaxed a bit.
A new year is coming, and there is nothing better than starting a new period with a sweet and lovely season like this. Gaia’s team would like to introduce our brand new colorway: Spring Whispers.

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