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A cute bunny girl who enjoys winter so much

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Through the thin curtains, the warm-shiny morning sunlight filters through, lying on those tiny ears and waking someone snuggling under the blanket. Demi starts her morning by gently blinking her diamond-like sparkling big round eyes, followed by a sudden sneeze after a long yawn and then quickly jumps out of the kotatsu. She is going to be late for school!

It has been thousands of years since the myth ended. The gods and other kinds of divinity no longer exist, but the aftermath is still visible today and now has its full cover on the ground of the living world.

Prometheus created and nurtured the life of humanity and thanks to Zeus, we had many human races, which included demi-humans. These demi-humans used to go through uncountable wars from the very first day of creation. They fought for food, territory and any advantages for their peers. But the war is over and now both of them can live happily and serenely together.

Snow started falling the night before, followed by the snow performance from the sky that seemed to never stop, bringing with it the breath of winter. The street was laid peacefully under the thick layer of snow and filled with walking colorful warm coats. A group of girls are walking, but stick to each other to share the warmth. The misty air blows through their mouths and their hands turn red because of the cold temperature, but they are still constantly rubbing to create more heat. Cat people will probably try to hide the cold by having a nice-tight roll in the blanket and spend their entire day for laziness. But being half animal, Demi finds this frozen time extremely comfortable and wonderful. When the weather turns cold, crispy carrots taste even better and Demi won’t be so worried for her thick fur. Demi loves winter.

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COLORWAY Christmas
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 15 caps
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker – ID card – User manual – Rubber Finger Gloves


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The sun had set and made way for Christmas Eve to fill the whole city. Outside, there are crowds of people, with chilly weather and joyful festive melodies filling the air.

It’s everyone’s Christmas, and Demi’s Christmas Eve is chilling in a warm cozy kotatsu with a hot cup of cinnamon cocoa and a plate of cookies

Merry Christmas to Demi and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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