Fezla Jadeite


Based on the unique relationship between a duck and a lifeless dinosaur skull, Gaia’s Creature has created the keycap trilogy with different color from three natural gemstones.

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The aftermath of the war between Zeus and Titans had brought on the apocalypse to all forms of life. Gaia then, one more time, had to create everything from dust…Fezla.

A little, harmless and lonely duck, living in the middle of nothing, luckily survived the chaos. Its body showed signs of being burned and wounded by millions of flaming stones from the sky and there were some uncrured injuries on its head. Starvation, pain and fear, it needed to find something, strong and hard enough to protect itself from outside threats. It kept groping around and around, hopelessly.

At the bottom of a dry basin where it used to be a serene lake, a shiny skull grabbed its attention. Surprisingly, despite being damaged fiercely by natural disaster and the consequences from the God’s war, the skull still maintained as new. It was no longer a normal dinosaur skull, it completely transferred into a new substance, mainly covered by rare gemstones. This transformation turned it into a non-destructive object that even the strongest and biggest fire storm could not leave a tiny scratch on it.

The ducky seemed to be quite nervous but curious about that “thing”. It knew that a part of its predator’s body now finally became an unbreakable body armor, an appropriate shelter for living through this hard time.
Putting on the skull from the unlucky one, it hoped for a better tomorrow…


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PACKERCHING 1 keycap – 3 sticker – Monster’s card


Good evening everybody!
After a long time of researching and development. Today, we would like to introduce to you the first member of our “GEM” collection – FEZLA . All created and handcrafted 100% by “Gaia’s creature”‘s artists.

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