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  • The young traveler with a dream to explore the whole world
  • Finn’s Accessories:  Star lantern
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Audrey and her friends was out of the woods. The Paddle’s flood had swept away everything that had come from hell so they were safe. The group of mixed species including Elves birds and beasts was exhausted after 3 days of running, they stopped to make a fire near a ruin when suddenly the little bird discovered something.

Following the bird, on the trail near the campsite was a young boy fainting from hunger. The boy looked even younger than Audrey, his whole body covered in dust, his travel glasses hung loosely on his messy hair and the backpack was full of strange junk letters that seemed really heavy. The group dragged him to the campsite. After devouring a bunch of wild berries, he brightened up and started talking nonstop. His name is Finn, he had lost in the desert before he got here, so he had nothing to eat for days. Finn never met his dad, his mom never talked about it. She just said that if he set out on an adventure, Finn would surely meet him one day, because his father was the protector of the travelers. Finn’s mother loved him too much, but she passed away many years ago. From that day, Finn began his journey. Unlike Audrey’s team who never left the forest, Finn said he had traveled a lot. He had been to the mountains of Thessalía of the centaurs, he had heard the night songs of the siren on the Aegean coast, of the olive trees of Athens and the time he rode goats at the foot of Mount Olympus.

“You have been to olympus?”

Audrey interrupted the boy. Finn nodded excitedly and then rambled on about the events he’d experienced there, then he paused a moment after noticing her restlessness. The little princess told the boy about the events that had just happened in the forest, and about the upcoming trip that she did not know how to begin.

Finn rummaged through his rucksack for a moment, then pulled out a scroll he was drawing. He said this was a map he drew of where he had passed, and then showed her the location of Olympus. It was a long, long way, across a narrow strait and a vast desert. Finn offered to join the crew. The boy wanted to express his gratitude that Audrey had saved him earlier, and that he saw his destiny in this journey.

“You can count on me! ”

Audrey looked at the members. All seemed to agree. When morning came, the group was on their way again, but this time, they knew where to go!!!!!


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FEATURE Magnet Keycap
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 15 caps
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker – Character’s card – ID card – User manual – Rubber Finger Gloves


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Over the moon, there was a story about Chang’e, a woman who best known for stealing an elixir of immortality from her husband, and becoming the goddess of the moon.

That story was spread into daily life and turn into a myth that usually told in the annual Mid-Autumn Festival.

And in Gaia’s World, creatures do celebrate it too. They’re eating mooncake, dancing and putting on nice costumes. Our little adventurers were invited to the meeting of the forest to gather with other creatures and tell their story. The story about “Mid-Autumn”.

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