Glossa Halloween


GLOSSA – the nine-eyed hell dog with a sticky slimy enormous tongue which like playing and teasing any guity filthy soul before these shades of death are transported to the next area in Hell….

Originally, they was a cruel hell monster. And, it is even more scarier this time, when they has grown Satan’s sharp and crimson horns.

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Before ariving to the River Styx to face with Cerberus – the guardian of the Underworld gates, a soul needs to ferried across Acheron – the river of woe, Cocytus – the river of wailing, Phlegeton – the stream of fire and Lethe – the unmindfulness one. These places are also home of Glossa and their peers. On Charon’s skiff to the other side of Acheron, souls will face with nine piercing eyes of Glossa, which can see through the deepest, darkest thinkings of a shade of death.

Glossa like playing and teasing the one who is inquisitive, curious and always backbit others when they are alive with its enormous sticky slimy tounge, years and years until they are transported to the next area of Cocytus, where other dangerous and terrible monsters are waiting…


Additional information

COLORWAY Halloween
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 10 caps
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker – Monster’s card – Name card – Thanks card


Good evening!
When you read this message, they are very close to you.
Vampire Paddle, Satan Glossa, and Jack-o’-lantern Aubrey are waiting for you.
You will have no way to escape!
Please, open the door and give them sweets, they will make your keyboard look adorable, otherwise, you will have to suffer the teasing from the dark hell.
So now,
Trick or treat?!

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