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A clumsy cat is trying to become a great witch to handle a noble mission.

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When the bell rings at 0 o’clock on October 25 every year, the gate of hell opens, allowing souls and monsters to roam and visit the human world.

But the two worlds are inherently separate and cannot interfere with each other. Witch cats will be responsible for balancing the condition of the two worlds to protect the peaceful life of humans from evil spirits and ensure that souls return to the afterlife-world before dawn.

This year, the cat Gypsy was old enough to become an apprentice witch following in the footsteps of her sisters. She was very happy because she had been looking forward to this day for a long time, flying in the sky, using magic and most importantly, doing the noble task of balancing order between the afterlife-world and the human world.

Gypsy wore an extremely gorgeous dress and spent nearly 8 hours on makeup. When the clock bell rang, she and her sisters flew into the sky and did what she always wanted.

But Gypsy was a clumsy cat, she mistakenly picked up a flying broom that wasn’t completely enchanted. The broom looked normal at first, then suddenly accelerated and crashed into a tree trunk, causing Gypsy to be stunned and fall into the pumpkin display.

So from being a beautiful cat witch, Gypsy fell down and lost consciousness, falling into a huge pumpkin, causing everyone around her to laugh out loud in the middle of the Halloween night.


Additional information

FEATURE Backlit LED and 360 degree head rotate
NAME Gypsy
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 15 caps
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker – ID card – User manual – Rubber Finger Gloves


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Shining in the darkness and breaking the silence of the night.

Gyspy Laser will bring excitement and joy to your peaceful night.

With metal motor parts mounted inside its body, Gyspy becomes the hybrid between organic creatures and machines.

And because it is a half-machine creature, Gypsy Laser will integrate and transmit positive data into your keyboard, always keeping you alert and happy even when working overnight.

Gypsy Laser is ready to operate, what about you?

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