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Pip had a peaceful nap in the arms of his mom – Luna

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“But mom, I still don’t want to sleep!”

No, my little Pip, it’s time for bed” said Luna and hugged her baby.

Pip snuggled into Luna’s warm arms and slowly fell asleep. Luna looked at her child, perhaps he was the most important thing she had to protect for the rest of her life.

She loved Pip with all her heart and even when the rushing water tried to separate them, Luna hugged Pip tightly.

And even if the world remained nothing but only ashes, their maternal love would be immortal.

Luna and Pip will be a great gift for your woman on this special day.

Let’s bring this wonderful present with Gaia’s Creature to women and mothers!



Additional information

FEATURE Magnetic Keycap ( 2 pieces: Yoshi and Yoshi Egg )
NAME Otter Mom & Son
SIZE 2.25u
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 15 caps
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker –  ID card – User manual – Rubber Finger Gloves


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“Boing! Boing!”

The sound of jumping over the pipes from Capybara Mario’s agile feet.

He looks so hurry, probably busy collecting the magic mushrooms before they disappear.

As for Otter Luigi, perhaps he cannot go with Mario because he is holding and rocking a baby Yoshi in his arms. Maybe he will miss this adventure T^T.

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