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The goddess queen of the underworld, the goddess of flowers and the awakening of crops. Persephone is the bond of life and death, joyful spring and desolate winter.

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Many days after the trio had left the Mushroom valley. They had traveled for miles, over thousands of steep cliffs and burned forests, until they came across a cliff full of flowers and plants.

It was a miracle that plant species can still be green in such a place and fortunately, this area was safe. The tired trio stopped to look around and then relaxed under an enormous tree. Suddenly, they heard a voice as if from far away in the earth calling their name.

Suddenly the cliff in front of them shook violently and began to deform, those huge tree roots sprouting and moving like snakes, binding the rocks to form a woman’s face. Foliage appeared, covered with green where a moment ago there was still a limestone cliff, followed by flowers that flared up like flames, adding to that beautiful face on the cliff.

The face slowly opened its emerald eyes to look at our little friends and then that mysterious voice spoke once again:

“I am Persephone, the goddess of spring and the queen of the underworld. I know all of you have many questions to ask but now the land, the sky and the sea are no longer safe. Hades and I have no desire for this war, but Zeus and Poseidon are ready for it.”

Saying that, suddenly a tree root crept in front of Finn, Pepper, and Aubrey, and from there appeared three golden apples.

“These are the golden apples from the valley of origin, a single bite of them will grant the power of the gods, and their seeds will bring you back to your roots. But it’s all temporary, so be careful.”

“What’s going on in the valley of origin?” Finn couldn’t help but asked.

“That’s where everything was born, the home of motherland Gaia. But we couldn’t go back there anymore. Now hurry, this place won’t last long,” replied Persephone while hẻ face was slowly sinking into the cliff.

The space became quiet again, everything was back to the way it was except for the cliffs now covered with green.

“At least we know how to get there,” Pepper said.

“But why are you in such a hurry, she’d better let us rest for a bit later,” grumbled Finn, shocked back at his backpack.

Aubrey smiled and gently comforted the boy while sharing the golden apples!

Additional information

NAME Persephone
COLORWAY Four Seasons
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 15 caps
PROFILE Low-profile
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker – ID card – User manual – Rubber Finger Gloves


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Behold! Our fresh and outstanding returns with the arrival of the goddess queen of the underworld, the goddess of flowers and the awakening of crops: Persephone. 

Persephone is the bond of life and death, winter and spring. With this innovation, Gaia’s Creature wants to bring to your collection a delicate, meticulous detail. We firmly believe that Persephone will be a colorful and mysterious experience, helping you to express the variety and creativity in the way you decorate your keyboard. 

With the unique design and colorway selection named: Four Seasons. We have portrayed Persephone’s goddess face reaching out from a keycap as small as a fingertip, embracing her face as a harmony between luxuriant flowers and tormenting hell. Like a balance between prosperity and deterioration of the world.

With all the love, effort and meticulousness, Persephone: Four Seasons should definitely be added to your cart!

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