Aubrey – Glossa Yeeti

Aubrey – Glossa Yeeti

• Colorway: Yeeti
• Number Of Artisan: Only 1 keycap
• Profile: SA
• Stem type: MX 
• Material: Resin
• Technique: Mutilshot 

Glossa – Aubrey Yeeti is a commission by Bi Bi Chan- our loyal customer and also a longtime keycap collector with a monumental collection from many keycap brands

These two models still retain the old design of Glossa and Aubrey Forest but are pour with colours inspired by GMK Yeeti. The color of blue and white, accented with a little light green, will create the scene of a big blue sky above a cold serene river in the middle of winter. In addition, the pastel tones also depict the purity and innocence.

Glossa – Aubrey Yeeti is a collaboration of cuteness and sweetnesd that will melt the hearts of those who see them even in the coldest winter.

• Client: Bi Bi Chan
• Sculptor: MAD Chick
• Caster: Zelda


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