Paddle Halloween


With two strong front teeth and a big fat body, Paddle and his teammates joined hands to save other creatures from terrible forest fires.

Paddle wants to become a notorious Vampire, so this year, he decides to be one of them. Black robe with coffin, immersed in a pool of blood. There’s nothing scarier, right?

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The Audrey’s convoy was still being intensely pursued. The burned tree branches suddenly slumped down and slowed the movement of the whole group. They crossed a shallow stream,which was just above their ankle, the stream bed was full of smooth worn pebbles that made our little princess constantly slipped.  Behind them, those flaming hounds were rushing forward like the wind and ashes.

Right after the entire convoy had crossed the stream, those montrous hounds were close behind. Suddenly, from the upstream, a small, low-pitched crack sounded, followed by a loud “boom” sound, a rushing stream of water rushed to sweep away these terrible creatures.

It was Beaver’s dam!

On a large snout, a large rat-like creature was waving at them, from two disproportionately large front teeth emitting a continuous hissing sound. This pig-sized beaver was Paddle, a close friend of princess. This species often built small dams all over the tributaries to catch fish easily and guided streams to every corner of the forest. When the firestorm descended on their sanctuary, the trees began to burn, Paddle and a group of young beavers followed the river to lead other animals to a safe place. The others of the beaver herd utterly destroyed the high dams to release the water and save the forest.

He led the group to a dam, signaled for everyone to jump into the water, used two strong teeth to pull out a tree trunk. The dam cried out and broke, the water flow led the group quickly escape the forest. Several smaller beavers appeared beside Paddle as if exchanging something, he glanced back at the group one last time and then disappeared behind the trees with his companions.


Additional information

COLORWAY Halloween
NUMBER OF ARTISAN Limited 10 caps
INSIDE THE PACKAGE 1 keycap – 3 sticker – Monster’s card – Name card – Thanks card


Good evening!
When you read this message, they are very close to you.
Vampire Paddle, Satan Glossa, and Jack-o’-lantern Aubrey are waiting for you.
You will have no way to escape!
Please, open the door and give them sweets, they will make your keyboard look adorable, otherwise, you will have to suffer the teasing from the dark hell.
So now,
Trick or treat?!

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